In building-coverage constant connectivity

Employees, customers and visitors – all expect certainty in their mobile
connectivity, wherever they are. A seamless, fast mobile connection is
the positive experience demanded by users today. Our In-Building Cellular (IBC) service gives you coverage you can rely on – across your site.

Tall offices and narrow streets. Too many people trying to use the same networks. There are several reasons you can end up with poor coverage in your buildings. Even within the same building, one part of the building may have a strong consistent service – but others may be getting no service at all. Lifts and stairwells offer a challenge too and often remain as ” Not spots”.

Fortunately, we have a simple, secure and flexible IBC service, which gives you cost-effective connectivity throughout your buildings.  

And our solution isn’t just limited to Enterprise. Universities, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, sports stadiums – any indoor space where large numbers of people gather, bringing with them their devices all All expecting to have continuous, reliable cellular coverage as standard.

Our latest IBC solution eliminates all the obstacles previously associated with indoor mobile coverage roll out, particularly dispensing with the need for bulky on-site Network Operator equipment, all while enhancing the ‘visitor experience’.

Onnec offers a solution that provides users the services of all major networks, guaranteeing no network lock-in for your business and ensuring guest devices can connect, even those from abroad.

Imaginative visual of smart digital city with globalization abstract graphic showing connection network . Concept of future 5G smart wireless digital city and social media networking systems .

Key Benefits

Onnec Datacenter service


No two buildings are the same. We conduct an on-site cellular coverage survey to identify weak spots and strengthen your connection.


Technology evolves. But that doesn’t have to mean rip and replace. We can ensure your solution stays up to speed.


Our specialist teams draw on the best technology. And put in place a solution that can scale when you need it to and be flexible to minimize disruption


Through 24/7 monitoring and strong SLAs, we keep your IBC available. So, your people can stay connected.

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