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Smartboards, video conferencing, LED TVs, touchscreens and microphones. Wherever your people are, bring them together with the tools they need to present, collaborate and be more  productive.

Audio and visual equipment is more important than ever to creating a productive work environment. But with so many options available, it can be hard to choose the tools that suit your organisation best. That’s why we listen to your needs first. Then, we put in place high quality solutions that keep your people connected.

As an experienced technology solutions partner we can help you determine the best approach for your organisation with a full AV HealthCheck, to give you a fresh look at AV as a key part of your transformation strategy.

Our specialist teams work closely together, so we can design and install your AV solutions at the same time as your cabling, security and IT solutions. That way, you get a fully connected, enhanced AV experience – sooner.

Brazilian colleagues discussing during video conference in meeting room
Group of people working in a modern board room with augmented reality interface, all objects in the scene are 3D

bespokeend-to-end service

Each solution is unique: One size does not fit all, particularly with respect to diverse audio needs. Meeting rooms often vary in size, configuration and purpose. The same microphones, speakers, controllers and in-room computing cannot sufficiently address differing room specifications without significant compromise.

Our experts will help you find the best approach for your organisation when planning your AV solution. After this, they’ll install and manage it all for you with a full AV health check. From audio to visual to control solutions such as interactive touchpads – we’ll take care of the entire process until you have equipment you can completely rely on.

av solutions

Transformed Meeting rooms

Standard rooms, cheap displays and old VGA sockets don’t lend themselves to the world of hybrid work. Turn your meeting rooms into interactive areas with dynamic tools that foster collaboration – and make every meeting more productive.

Stand out digital signage

First impressions count. Transform your office, reception area or lobby to create an impact that lasts. Deliver video content on demand and interactive displays through intuitive software to really connect with your visitors and customers.

Amplified Auditoriums

Redefine your large spaces. Choose from a range of high-quality projectors, large displays, integrated video conferencing, lighting, audio and microphone solutions. Whatever you need, we can provide the technology that fits your vision.

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