Case Study: tottenham fc

Official cabling installer for Tottenham FC’s New Stadium

A male duo of server room technicians back at the office and server room after lockdown

More than a decade in the making, Tottenham FC’s ambition was to provide the most technological advanced stadium in Europe and has been designed with technology incorporated into the fabric of the building to enhance the experience for everyone. As the Official Cabling Infrastructure Installer, we delivered a passive infrastructure network, consisting of both copper and fibre for the operation and connectivity of the Stadium IT (LAN, WAN, Voice services), WAP’s, CCTV, AACS and AV services.

This project was one of the largest structured cabling projects delivered in London in recent years. Some of the main challenges faced with delivering a project of this scale included the number of construction companies involved and the sheer size of the on-site teams. The new stadium is built on the site of the old White Hart Lane, but is approximately half a pitch-length to the north of its replacement. In the early days of the project, this enabled construction to begin while the club continued to play at the venue; but meant that both copper and fibre backbone cable routing was a challenge – with many cables being “coiled” to enable the completion of the Main Equipment Room (which was intentionally located in the North end of the Stadium).

The impressive features of the stadium also created some very specific challenges. Ongoing construction of the roof meant that the Bowl WiFi cabling had to be carefully programmed due to obvious H&S reasons, as did the additional IT services along the south side of the retractable pitch.