Onnec awarded WiredScore Accredited Solution for Onnec iQ smart technology platform

Delivering SmartScore-certified technology  to help customers make their real estate Smart

London, UNITED KINGDOM, November 9th 2022 – Onnec announces that its smart technology platform Onnec iQ has become a WiredScore Accredited Solution. Accredited Solutions are technology providers whose systems and solutions have been benchmarked against WiredScore’s certification standards, enabling landlords, tenants and property professionals globally to use these solutions to align to SmartScore certification and meet smart building requirements today and in the future.

We’re pleased to announce we’ve recently become an Accredited Solution with WiredScore! The SmartScore certification was created in collaboration with the owners and users of the world’s most advanced properties. The certification provides clarity on what constitutes a smart building, guidance on how to achieve the status, and proof of the value it adds to their asset. Our MSI team, utilising our Onnec iQ platform, can now help building owners and users understand, improve, benchmark and promote smart technology in their buildings and developments, to get SmartScore certified.

john dente, technical director.

SmartScore certification, the global standard for smart buildings, helps landlords and developers build cutting edge smart buildings that deliver exceptional user experiences, drive cost efficiency, meet high standards of sustainability, and are fully future-proof.

“Since launching SmartScore – our smart building certification – in 2021, we’ve noticed that ‘smart’ continues to be an opaque subject for the real estate industry,” says Arie Barendrecht, the founder and CEO of WiredScore. “Many continue to seek guidance on how to implement smart buildings, what solution providers to work with, and even what ‘smart’ itself means. We are confident that our Accredited Solutions offering will help to demystify how to successfully deliver a smart building.”


About Onnec

Onnec is a global IT Infrastructure specialist providing end-to-end connectivity solutions for Data Centre, Office, Fulfilment Centre & Retail environments. From structured cabling, networking solutions, managed services, connected devices to building insights, Onnec provides end-to-end services and reliable infrastructure.
Onnec is one of the world’s leading exponents in this space, and with over 800 full-time employees across EMEA, US and APAC, the company is structured around key global customers to ensure consistency of service and delivery. As such the company has a loyal customer base of multinationals, with relationships spanning 30+ years. Customers benefit from decades of experience and industry-leading standards, deployed at a local level.

About wiredscore

WiredScore sets the global standard for technology in the built world through certification and education. A champion of cutting-edge technology in real estate, WiredScore evaluates, improves, benchmarks and promotes digital connectivity and smart technology in homes and offices on a global scale, ensuring that buildings provide a best-in-class infrastructure that businesses and individuals require to thrive.

Following success in the US, WiredScore launched in the United Kingdom in October 2015 after winning the Greater London Authority’s tender to be the official Mayor of London Digital Connectivity Rating Scheme. International demand for the digital connectivity rating system has since seen the company expand operations across North America and Europe.

Since then, over 800 million square feet (75m sq m) of commercial and residential space has been committed to WiredScore certification, impacting 8 million people across 36 countries. For more information on WiredScore, SmartScore or to find WiredScore and SmartScore certified buildings. Visit: www.wiredscore.com

Media Contact: Dexter Harriss, Global Marketing Director; dexter.harriss@onnecgroup.com