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Smart work starts with connecting building and IT systems. No matter where your people are, making sure they can stay connected means giving them flexible and secure access on the move. Our AV and CCTV solutions give you the freedom of mobility, plus security. Solutions that let you stay in touch and in control.

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Connected devices are at the forefront of every smart environment. For us, that’s anything that connects to a network. From AV to security, if the device is IP-enabled – often referred to as the internet of things (IOT) – we’ll supply and connect it for you.

When your needs change, you’ll get a proactive and flexible service from a team of industry experts that understand both building and IT technologies. Whether you need keypads, room booking systems, sensors or edge devices, we’ll deliver your chosen solution quickly and efficiently. A streamlined experience and a supportive relationship. It’s why many of our customers have worked with us for decades.

integrate building & IT networks

From CCTV security to building access control – connected building systems start with Onnec.

Our connectivity Services


Protect your people and your organisation with our electronic security solutions. They integrate smoothly with your back-office systems. And give you control over who can access where – and when.


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