visibility of information to manage space better

Connect and act on real time data to optimize space utilization and management.

Onnec dQ is a workspace analysis and desk utilization toolkit designed to give corporate Facilities Managers and Real Estate Managers the information they need to be able to track workplace performance and understand space requirements correctly in order to make effective business decisions.

Specifically designed in-house, Onnec dQ has a 10-year track record in meeting these challenges and is suitable for use in both traditional fixed desk and hot-desking office environments and can provide information on virtual, remote and home based users. The result is a unique desk utilization and space analysis solution which helps you to optimize use of existing work areas, floors or buildings. Plan future estate requirements, analyze work patterns or analyze desk utilization for optimized usage and accurate cost allocation.

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how does it work?

Onnec dQ is a seamless and modular solution that is tailored to meet the requirements of the space it is monitoring by using IP tracking and a suite of sensor solutions. Onnec dQ then communicates this information through easy-to-interpret graphical interfaces and bespoke reports.

The result – a constantly evolving vizualisation of real-time usage, overlaid on physical floorplans, with instant access to the data with daily, weekly or monthly averages by user, department, floor, building or estate.

This unique approach gives accurate monitoring and analysis of real-time campus usage by identifying:

  • Details of all IP devices on your network, whether connected directly, wirelessly or connected from outside the building.
  • How long they are connected to the network and whether they are active or on standby.

easy and rapid deployment

Because it works on a company’s existing IT infrastructure, Onnec dQ can be equally easily deployed across existing and new estate alike, with a typical roll-out taking just two weeks and requiring no expensive or intrusive desk sensor or other hardware installation.

Unrivalled accuracy and granularity

Real-time desk and space analysis, linked to individual users, can be analyzed over hours, days or even years and communicated through easy-to-interpret graphical interfaces and bespoke reports.

Configurable and scalable

Highly configurable and scalable, Onnec dQ has been deployed in organizations from medium 1,000+ headcount to global portfolios with 80,000+ employees. It can be a standalone installation or part of an integrated workplace management system (IWMS).

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