the faster way to optimise your building data

We demand a lot from our buildings today. But are they utilised effectively? Are they energy-efficient or could operational maintenance costs be reduced? The answers lie in your data.

Accurate data is critical in making these informed business decisions but finding and connecting quality data across modern or legacy building, single or campus real estates, where many data sources exist, are the more difficult challenges.

Onnec iQ accelerates and automates the process of securely connecting all your building portfolio data. By capturing and analysing device-level data, Onnec iQ can identify the root cause of energy waste and inefficient building operations, then automate changes to the building systems based on predetermined rules. Allowing you to drive investment decisions, cut operations costs and accelerate your path to Net Zero.

onnec iq

The faster way to optimise your building data

how it works

3 steps to quickly capture, measure, manage and optimise your building data:


The Onnec iQ Gateway automates the discovery of any device on the network through Rapid Onboarding, accelerates the process of capturing device-level data up to 50% faster than alternative methods*.

2. onnec iq platform

The Onnec iQ platform connects all your building data in a unified view, so you can measure, manage, and optimise your energy consumption.

3. msi services

Our specialist team of Master System Integrators (MSI) support our customers through their whole project lifecycle.

features & benefits



Onnec iQ, part of the Onnec Group, is a Smart Buildings Solution, that accelerates and automates the process of securely connecting all your building portfolio data. The solution comprises of the Onnec iQ Gateway for Rapid Onboarding, the Onnec iQ platform, and the MSI team.

WHAT IS the role of a MSI (Master Systems Integrator)?

A MSI’s primary objective is to oversee and streamline the integration of various building systems, technologies, and components to ensure they work together harmoniously and efficiently. As an MSI specialist, we work with you to define the rules engine required for optimal performance and facilitate the process towards an efficient, sustainable and user-friendly environment.

WHAT IS Rapid onboarding?

Rapid Onboarding is our accelerated process of connecting all your building data, up to 50% faster than alternative methods. Onnec iQ Gateway uses Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) to automate the discovery of any device on your network, without the need for manual resource, accelerating the route to capturing and analysing device-level data. The result? A faster and more accurate process to get a digital picture of the energy consumption of your entire building portfolio.

WHAT IS Zero Touch Provisioning?

Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) is a process that accelerates the discovery of all energy consuming devices on your network, helping IT teams to quickly deploy network devices in a large-scale environment, eliminating most of the labour involved with adding them to a network.

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