In building-coverage constant connectivity

Employees, customers and visitors – all expect certainty in their mobile
connectivity, wherever they are. A seamless, fast mobile connection is
the positive experience demanded by users today. Our In-Building Cellular (IBC) service gives you coverage you can rely on – across your site.

Tall offices and narrow streets. Too many people trying to use the same networks. There are several reasons you can end up with poor coverage in your buildings. Even within the same building, one part of the building may have a strong consistent service – but others may be getting no service at all. Lifts and stairwells offer a challenge too and often remain as ” Not spots”.

With the help of our dedicated team of In-Building Cellular (IBC) specialists, Onnec can solve this problem for good. We will deliver a solution that is right for every need. From one building to one hundred, we can specify and deliver connectivity that is right for each of our client’s specific requirements to deliver the highest performance possible.

By moving mobile phone traffic to IBC, enables the traffic to be separate which allows easier management, less time focusing on support issues and higher user satisfaction rates.

A robust, In-Building Cellular wireless solution is a business necessity.

Imaginative visual of smart digital city with globalization abstract graphic showing connection network . Concept of future 5G smart wireless digital city and social media networking systems .

your ibc Solution delivered

We can deliver a connectivity platform that’s right for you – both for now, and the future. Our approach is simple:

Bishopsgate, London

connecting a 40-storeymulti-tenanted sky scraper

Working with 100 Bishopsgate to design and deploy a dedicated in-building cellular solution, using the latest digital technologies, working closely with the UK’s major Mobile Network providers and taking into account the JOTS standard.

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